Stories from Good Friends

Susan, Tom and Sheila

Susan and Tom had worries about how they'd cope in the winter. Good Friend Sheila stepped forward to help them out.

Susan and Tom, married, are in their mid-80s and picked up a Good Friends leaflet on a visit to the Falls Clinic.

Tom rang the Good Friends team and found out what things they could be helped with and he thought that it was such a worthwhile scheme he registered immediately. He said he would rather register now just in case they were struggling with anything in the future ie. path clearing in severe weather conditions or help with carrying shopping. Tom said that it put his mind at rest knowing there would be someone available to help in a time of need.

 A Good Friend was identified who would be willing to step in to help Tom & Susan at short notice. They had also lost a lot of friends and did not socialise as much as they used to, but after being introduced to the activities and lunch clubs organised by Age UK North Yorkshire & Darlington they have now built a new circle of friends.