Stories from Good Friends

Mrs S's Story

Mrs S was referred to Good Friends as she was feeling isolated, read how a local Good Friend volunteer has made a difference in her life.

Mrs S was referred to Good Friends through the Home From Hospital scheme due to terminal ill health and frequent falls, which had resulted in a recent period of hospitalisation. Mrs S lives alone in a semi-detached property on a quiet, isolated estate, resulting in a very socially isolated environment for her. Unable to leave the home without help, Mrs S was reliant on her daughter at the weekend to help with shopping and cleaning the home. Recently widowed Mrs S was spending a large amount of time during the week alone and feeling isolated.

Following the initial home visit by an Age UK North Yorkshire & Darlington Connector, Mrs S was matched with a local Good Friend who has lived in the area their whole life, much like Mrs S. They discovered that their families know one another which started a conversation flowing and they found that they had much in common with each other.

Mrs S now looks forwards to weekly visits from her Good Friend and the interaction it provides her during the week where she previously didn’t often see anyone. As part of her process in developing her confidence to get outside and reconnect in the community, our Good Friend is taking an understanding, supportive approach in encouraging to leave the house whilst ensuring Mrs M is safe and not at risk of a fall.