Stories from Good Friends

Mr M's Story

Mr M was struggling with Parkinson's disease and memory issues. Read how Good Friends helped support him and his family.

Mr M is 71 and lives with his wife who is his full-time carer as he has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and also suffers with memory issues. While he does attend a day respite centre once a week to give his wife some respite the pressure on her being a full time carer was leading her to sometimes suffer from low mood and they have no family nearby to act as a support network.

Referred to Good Friends by a local carer’s organisation who felt that he could benefit from someone visiting on a regular basis for a chat, Mr M was visited by an Age UK Connector who talked to him and discovered that Mr M would really benefit from someone to talk to, and to build the confidence to leave the home, which would provide Mrs M with some time to rest and relax.

Mr M was matched to a local Good Friend volunteer, they now regularly go for short walks together and the Good Friend volunteer accompanied Mr M to a local lunch club in the community. Mrs M now has time for herself and is reassured in knowing her husband is being supported to go out and socialize with people in their village.

“It’s so nice to see my husband going out without me, and that I know he’s safe and supported while doing so. He really enjoys visiting the lunch club with his Good Friend too.”