Stories from Good Friends

John & Derek

John found he was becoming less able to look after his garden and needed some help from a Good Friend.

John was referred to Good Friends by Social Services as his support through the Red Cross had ended. It was suggested a Good Friend would be able to take over the support and give him some help where needed.

John is quite mobile but he struggles with heavy shopping and required a little help in that area, but his main priority was his garden that he has tended for some years and was no longer able to do any heavy digging or planting. John had an idea that if we could match him with a Good Friend who was willing to do a little bit of digging and tidying in the garden, they could plant a few vegetables and share the crops.

Derek the Good Friend is a keen cyclist and lives on the other side of town but is happy to be a Good Friend to John and help him with his garden, as well as regular chats about news and current events over a cup of tea.