Stories from Good Friends

Glenda & Jo

Glenda was lonely after her husband passed away. Joan supported her by visiting every week for a coffee and a chat.

Glenda was referred as she suffers from arthritis and this restricts her mobility. She heard about Good Friends and loved the idea of one visiting her for a chat as she felt quite isolated. 

Glenda lives by herself and has had a very rich life, but her husband passed away recently and she is on her own now - she doesn’t have any children or family. Good Friends offered guidance on how to help cope with the loss of her husband. The importance of acknowledging her loss was stressed and needed to create a sense of closure to the life she shared with her husband. 

We introduced Glenda to Jo, a caring and empathetic young lady, and they hit it off immediately. Glenda was very interested to learn about Jo’s family and any hobbies she had. They sat and chatted for over an hour and arranged for Jo to call during the week. 

It has been several months now and not only has Glenda shown an interest in coming to one of the activities in her area, but also when seeing Jo to the door one day, got talking to one of her neighbours who now takes her shopping once a week.