Stories from Good Friends

Barry and Linda

Barry's daughter thought he would benefit from a Good Friend to visit for an hour or so a week.

Barry was an army ski instructor and had been living in a local care home for 4 years. He had been treated for fluid on the brain and as a result of this condition, couldn’t chew and required a feeding tube to be used. Barry loved music, TV quiz shows and old films. His daughter lives in Jersey and felt that if a Good Friend could come and sit with her dad for an hour or so he would benefit from the company. 

Confined to his bed, Barry suffered a lot with nausea, vomiting, confusion and unfortunately was not able to speak apart from one word answers to questions. Good Friends were able to help through Linda, a good friend, visiting him a couple of hours a week, taking in the local newspaper and reading headline stories to him. They would enjoy watching “The Chase” quiz show and together they devised their own sign language to guess the answers.

Sadly, Mr B passed away and his daughter said:

Thank you so, so much for bringing me comfort of Dad having a friend, I will never forget it.  A little time for others can bring so much joy and comfort. Thank you.