About Good Friends

Learn about Good Friends, how the project came about and the difference it makes

What is Good Friends?

Good Friends is about creating a network of informal volunteers who share their time to people in need of extra support

By providing support and a friendly point of contact to someone in need of support, you can secure a better quality of life for them. Good Friends is about building back a sense of community cohesion in an increasingly isolated world.

Loneliness is an increasing problem in society today, half a million people across the UK go at least 5 days without seeing anyone and over half (51%) of all people over the age of 75 live alone. It can have a serious impact on your health too, it can be as bad for you as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and has more health than being severely overweight (Holt-Lunstad 2010). Lonely people are also at increased risk of suffering from dementia, heart disease and depression. (Valtorta et al, 2016) (James et al, 2011) (Cacioppo et al, 2006)

Good Friends encourages communities to support their more lonely or disadvantaged neighbours and to ensure that older and vulnerable people are not left alone and struggling with getting by in an ever-changing world.

*2011 Census Data, ONS
46% of older people live alone in North Yorkshire*
60% are considered to be at a medium to high risk of loneliness**

How Good Friends helps

We match people in need of a little extra support to one of our “Good Friends” volunteers based on their needs and interests who can help with a range of issues they may be facing.

These can include:

  • Helping them put out their wheelie bins
  • Putting them in touch with good sources of advice
  • Making sure that someone is there to pop in now and again to check they’re OK
  • Help with dog walking
  • Help with shopping
  • Assistance with small household tasks
  • Help with light gardening

There are many more ways we can help.

**Age UK Loneliness Heatmap 2017

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How do I get involved?

Volunteering is a fantastic way to put back into your community. It can also be very rewarding for the volunteer too!

Our co-ordinators will work with you to match you based on your interests and abilities to people within your area who are in need of a little help. They will offer support and advice to you so you will never feel you are dealing with situations alone. Don’t feel that it will take up all your time, even giving half an hour a week can make a big difference in someone’s life.

Here are some of the many benefits of volunteering with us:

  • Make an invaluable contribution to your community
  • Learn new skills
  • Meet new people
  • Socialise
  • Feel valued and part of a team
  • Join a team with Queens Award winning experience of volunteering