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What is Good Friends?

Volunteers will receive training to identify people who might benefit from support or advice. Where they choose, they might be matched to someone who lives nearby for general support and light tasks. As busy as our lives are, Good Friends is suitable for anyone, even with just a few minutes or more to spare each week.

Good Friends can provide all kinds of support, including:

  • Assisting an older person┬áto attend a community activity
  • Popping around for a cuppa and a chat
  • Helping with their wheelie bin once a week
  • Teaching someone how to use a phone or tablet to keep in touch with family
  • Introducing an older person person to an area they've recently moved to
  • Walking an older persons dog as they're no longer able to

The opportunities are endless, and eveyone is different, but what all of the above have in common is that these small pieces of support contribute towards helping older and disadvantaged people to remain independent within their homes for longer, and reduce the difficulties associated with long-term disability that many experience.

Supporting people in
Craven, Hambleton & Richmondshire

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46% of over 65's across North Yorkshire live alone, and many often go up to a month without seeing anyone.

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